Romanian cheese doughnuts

(Papanasi) Ingredients DOUGH1 kg well-squeezed sweet cottage cheese400 g White flour20 g vanilla sugar3-4 Eggs1 peel of lemonA pinch Salt1 teaspoon baking soda1 Lemon Juicecooking oil SERVING600 g cream with 25% fat150-200 g vanilla flavored powdered sugar400 g jam Method Put the flour, cheese, vanilla sugar, salt and lemon peel in a large bowl, addContinue reading “Romanian cheese doughnuts”

Turkey Breakfast Sausage

SERVES: 8 – 12 Ingredients 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (omit or reduce for less spicy sausage) 1/4 teaspoon rubbed sage 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 teaspoon coriander 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder 1/8 teaspoon onion powder 1 pound ground turkey 2 teaspoons canolaContinue reading “Turkey Breakfast Sausage”

Healthy Moringa Oatmeal – Gluten-Free, Vegan

SERVES: 4 Ingredients 4 cups gluten-free rolled oats 5 cups almond milk 3 tbsp agave syrup, or maple syrup 2 tsp vanilla extract 2-3 tsp moringa powder 1/3 cup pistachios, chopped 1/3 cup dried mulberries 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 2 tbsp chia seeds, optional Instructions In a medium sauce pan, add the rolled oats, milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup. Cook theContinue reading “Healthy Moringa Oatmeal – Gluten-Free, Vegan”

Cherry tomato and cheese almond tarts

SERVES: 4 PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES COOKS IN: 40 MINUTES Ingredients 4 small vine-ripened tomatoes, cut crossways into 1cm-thick slices 3/4 cup (180g) ricotta 135g drained marinated fetta 3 Coles Australian Free Range Eggs 1/2 cup (125ml) milk 1 tsp finely grated lemon rind 1 tbs pistachio dukkah 1 tsp honey 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil PARMESANContinue reading “Cherry tomato and cheese almond tarts”

Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake

(Banh Chung) PREP TIME: 20 MINUTES COOKS IN: 12 HRS Ingredients 3 cups long-grain sticky rice (about 1 lb or 450grams) 9 oz split mung bean (about 250 grams) 1 lb pork belly (450grams) 5 1/4 teaspoons salt (divided) 2 teaspoons freshly-cracked black pepper (or more) 1 lb frozen banana leaves (450grams) Method Prepping work the night before Soak the sticky rice in a lot of water. Also soak mung bean in plentyContinue reading “Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake”

Hazelnut Goat Cheese Balls

SERVES: 20 PREP TIME: 20 MINUTES Ingredients 20 whole hazelnuts 30 grams ground hazelnuts 100 grams goat cheese (spreadable) 3 pinches salt Method In a skillet, toast the whole hazelnuts over medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring often. Set aside. Toast ground hazelnuts for 2 minutes, in a similar way. Combine ground hazelnuts and salt in a shallow dish and mix. Coat each hazelnut withContinue reading “Hazelnut Goat Cheese Balls”

Purple Sticky Rice Yogurt drink

Ingredients 1 cup boiled Black Rice or Breakfast Cereal 6 tablespoons Thick & creamy yogurt 100ml Almond Milk 1 cup Ice *** Tips *** – For thicker yogurt, reduce ice and add more yogurt. – For flavoured yogurt e.g. blueberry, strawberry etc, add fresh fruits and reduce ice. Method Place all ingredients in a blender.Continue reading “Purple Sticky Rice Yogurt drink”

Fluffy flourless pancakes

WITH OATS & COTTAGE CHEESE SERVES: 2 COOKS IN: 10 MINUTES DIFFICULTY: NOT TOO TRICKY Ingredients 100 g porridge oats 100 g cottage cheese 2 large free-range eggs 1 teaspoon baking powder olive oil or unsalted butter , for frying 1 avocado , optional 2 large free-range eggs , optional chilli sauce , optional Method PutContinue reading “Fluffy flourless pancakes”

Sticky cinnamon fig & yoghurt breakfast bowls

WARM ROASTED FRUIT, CREAMY YOGHURT & PISTACHIOS SERVES: 4 COOKS: IN 20 MINUTES DIFFICULTY: NOT TOO TRICKY Ingredients 8 ripe figs ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 4 tablespoons fresh unsweetened orange juice 4 tablespoons runny honey 150 g blackberries 600 g Greek yoghurt 4 tablespoons granola 2 tabelspoons unsalted pistachio nuts Method Preheat the oven to 200ºC/400ºF/gas 6.Continue reading “Sticky cinnamon fig & yoghurt breakfast bowls”