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Nintendo consoles
Model: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Console 2019 | 99212
Colour: Neon Blue/Red
Pack contents:
Nintendo Switch console
Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R)
Nintendo Switch dock
Joy-Con grip
Nintendo Switch AC adapter
HDMI cable
Joy-Con straps
Pre-installed software: N/A
Region code: N/A
Ports: HDMI
Joy-Con controllers:
Easy-to-use motion controls
HD rumble – advanced vibration built into each Joy-Con
Total gameplay flexibility – use vertically or sideways with one or two controllers
Capture button for instant screen shots
NFC touch point for interaction with amiibo figures
IR Motion Camera for detecting distance, shape and motion of nearby objects
Compatibility: All digital versions of Nintendo games
Screens: 6.2 inch
Cameras: IR Motion Camera (function on Joy-Con)
Speakers: N/A
Battery: Lithium-ion battery/4310 mAh
Battery life: 4.5 – 9 hours (approx.)
Joy-Con grip allows to combine both Joy-Con into a traditional-style controller
Slide the Joy-Con into Nintendo Switch to go portable
Multiple playing – up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless play
Supports online WiFi multi-player gaming
Parental controls – via Nintendo eShop purchases through your Nintendo account
Comes in original packaging


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